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Welcome to the ReinventU community! 
I'm Larry Steward your host.

This is where you can focus on finding something you love to do and make money doing it. 
You may be searching for an ideal new job or you're ready to start your own business.
Whatever path your on, making a career transition is a serious challenge and difficult to do on your own.  
That's why I'm delighted you found us. You will discover the tremendous power and many benefits of being surrounded by members who have a lot of experience and wisdom to offer as you will offer them.  
I think you will agree, the most powerful and meaningful work is done in the company of others.

The Process of Reinvention
It doesn't matter the type of work you've done before.  The process of reinvention starts with understanding the unique skills and interests that defines who you are and what you can offer others.  
It requires reflection, assessment, research, planning, decision making, development of options, creating and implementing an action plan. 
Many pieces need to be put into place and many decisions need to be made.  The the end result is worth all the effort - designing the life and career you've always wanted.   
Working together in a group of like-minded peers makes this process so much easier and more fun frankly.  You will be surrounded with an abundance of support from experienced members along with me, offering ideas and encouragement to speed you along.
You will have access resources, private and group coaching, how-to classes, mastermind sessions and workshops.

Getting To Where You Want To Go

Developing your action plan is what we are working towards.  This will serve as your road map to find your ideal job, or launch your new business - all in pursuit of creating the life you want.   
After your plan is created, we focus on making it happen. At this point you will join a mastermind support group either for finding a job or starting a business depending on what path you are on.  These groups are designed to provide ongoing support for as long as you need it as you are taking steps to make things happen.  
To help you move forward,  the networking approach will be discussed in detail as this is where many mistakes can happen and slow you progress.  
You need to start talking to the right people but it is important to understand the most productive way to go doing this strategically. Once you are comfortable with that, you will discover how you can create opportunities versus waiting for things to happen.   
Most important is to always be clear about your purpose and the priorities of taking action.  To reach your goals requires a commitment to stick with your plan and support other members as they will be committed to supporting you.  Being held accountable for reaching the goals you set for yourself I believe this is one of the most important elements of this program. 
There is a need for a community like this and it will only succeed if all you succeed in your purpose to be here.  Any ideas you have along the way are welcome to make improvement along the way so  

Finding a job is not the only solution

 As you complete the self-assessment phase, you will start listing possible options to explore. What you may realize is that the process of finding a job or starting a business have many things in common. The real difference shows up when you compare the end results of each goal. 
Finding a job or starting something on your own are both challenging. However,  getting another job means you are helping someone else realize their dream. Even if you enjoy the work, your job can vanish if the company changes plans or experiences difficult times.  And you never know if the people on your team are as compatible as you hope. Things change and just like that, you are right back on the outside again.   
But what if you have an interest or an ability to teach others a special gift or provide a service they have been looking for? What if you could work from the comfort of your home and grow your business by simply connecting online to reach people anywhere in the world? 
There's nothing like profiting from your passions.  Not only that the income potential is truly unlimited once you learn how to develop multi-income streams versus being locked into a set salary.
The premise of starting a business is doing something you love. Therefore, chances are it won't feel like work. You will be more engaged, lose track of time and no one can take it away from you.
The whole idea is to keep an open mind and dream big no matter where you're starting from.  The end result of developing an action plan is to develop a list of viable options you can carefully explore before making a final decision on what direction you want to take.

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Join us and start the transition to reinvent yourself! I'm delighted you found us and I'm looking forward to getting to know you and helping you in every way I can.  
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