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Reasons to Join

Welcome to the ReinventU.coach community! 

I'm your host Larry Steward

Why was this community created?

This community has been created to serve as a safe, private place where members leaving the military at all levels can receive an abundance of support and engage with other members on their journals to make a successful transition to the civilian workforce. 

As a wounded and decorated combat medic who served with the Marines, I experienced my own transition and can relate to how thoroughly you need to prepare for this challenging transition and reach the goals you set for yourself.   

This growing community is a safe place away from all the chatter of social media where you can connect with others offices like you on the same transition journey. This community offers both free basic plans and paid private group plans. 

The basic free membership plan allows you access to connect with other members for networking opportunities and allows access to all of the resources. This lets you better understand how we operate here and gives you a chance to make a more calculated decision about joining the paid group where your written career plan will be created.  

The private paid group is called the Officers Transition Alliance and is reserved for those who are ready to roll up your sleeves and work on your written documents, your elevator intro, your strategy for networking, learning how to best use research and LinkedIn to find contacts and promote yourself. 

It does not matter what you may be thinking of doing next. It may be finding your ideal corporate job, become a consultant, buy a franchise, or start your own business. 

Most important, here you will be surrounded with both other officers to connect with and support each other on your mutual journeys.  

Each Officers Transition Alliance group formed will have no more than 6 members to allow everyone to benefit from sharing the challenges of their journey and get feedback from the group.  

Connecting with members is quick and easy selecting a name from the member list send them a note or chat with them if they are online. You can even set up group chats with other members.

More support is provided in the form our library of resources where you will find articles, books, studies, video presentations, and more.   

Private online paid coaching sessions are offered to provide tailored support as requested. Live Zoom sessions for all members will be scheduled to make announcements, answer questions, share information and invite you to interviews with special guests.   

You are encouraged to provide feedback on your experience here and I welcome your thoughts on how to improve what we are doing and how we are doing it. 

There is strength in numbers so if you know of others like yourself who are getting ready to retire, please invite them to join us. To get the most out of being a member supporting others is the most rewarding thing to do as you will receive support in return. 

As a new member, please post a photo of yourself and let us know something about your background as well as what you are thinking about doing next.

We do our work online which makes it convenient for you to connect with us from your workplace or from the comfort of your home. Plus you can connect from anywhere by downloading our phone app. 

The overall goal of providing support is to support you in moving forward, find ways to work around obstacles, and answer your important questions.  It is necessary to be realistic about transitions at your level take. The sooner you can engage and stay engaged the better. 

As you will find, this is a multi-step process that involves self-assessment, reflection, research, development of options, interview practice, document writing, decision making, creating and implementing action plans, plus lots of networking. 

Being in a group allows you to draw on the power of collective wisdom. After all, the most powerful and meaningful work is done in the company of others. You know that better than most. Of course, the the end result is worth all the effort - designing the life and career you've always wanted.  

The Process of Reinvention

It doesn't matter what type of work you've done before. The process of reinvention starts with understanding the unique skills and interests that defines who you are and what you can offer others.

Getting To Where You Want To Go

Developing an action plan based on your best options is what we work towards.  This will serve as your road map to find your ideal job, or launch your new business - all in pursuit of creating the life you want. Ideally, our involved process will help you discover a new purpose if not a passion you are ready to move towards. After your plan is created, we focus on making it happen. 

To help you make rapid progress, we spend a lot of time perfecting the process of strategic networking. This is how amazing opportunities can be uncovered.   


Also so important is to be clear about your purpose and the priorities of taking action. This is a place where be held accountable for reaching the goals you set for yourself is an important part of the overall process. There is a need for a community like this and it will only succeed if all you succeed in your purpose to be here.    

  Finding a job is not the only solution

As you complete the self-assessment phase, you will start listing possible options to explore. What you may realize is that the process of finding a job or starting a business have many things in common. The real difference shows up when you compare the end results of each goal.

There's nothing like profiting from your passions. 

Not only because it won't feel like work but your income potential is truly unlimited! This comes from the power of creating multi-income streams compared to being locked into a set salary. 

The premise of starting a business is doing something you're passionate about. Once you get on this track, it won't feel like work. You will be more engaged, feel fully on purpose with your life,  lose track of time and, keep in mind, no one will take this away from you. This is an option available to all of you if you want to pursue it or learn more.

The whole idea is to keep an open mind and dream big no matter where you're starting from.  The end result of developing an action plan is to develop a list of viable options you can carefully explore before making a final decision on an offer. 

I can't wait to learn more about you and learn about the journey you are embarking on. 

About Your Host     

As a Vietnam veteran who served as a Medic with the Marines, I am honored to have received a Purple Heart and Silver Star. My transition was to return to college to get my B.A. degree in Economics. I spent years in the advertising agency business in Los Angeles and the Corporate Outplacement field in New York City where I coached and mentored managers and executives at all levels make mid-career changes. I also ran my own contracting business in Connecticut before relocating to South Carolina where I launched this program to support you in your transition journey.   

I'm so glad you found this program. You are at the right place. Showing up here is testament to the strength of your commitment to find your true purpose and become the person you are meant to be. Congratulations!   

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